Aansav Paints: Premium Wall Coverings

Aansav Surface Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to introduce a range of ingenious and original products for your interior and exterior wall surfaces. Transform your home, office or commercial space with high-grade wall putty and a range of emulsions including our patented paint that enables you to recreate the effect of granite on your walls.

Our Products

Studio - Interior Emulsion Paint

A high-grade acrylic emulsion paint that offers both a decorative and protective coat for interior surfaces like concrete walls, lime, plastic splint, asbestos boards etc. Not only is this paint environment-friendly but it also provides a durable anti-bacterial, waterproof and scrub-resistant silken top coat that is ideal for children’s rooms.

Adtuf - Exterior Emulsion Paint

A pigment-able exterior coating, recommended for exterior surfaces based on its superior waterproofing, acid-resistant and UV-protection features. A high-performance paint, it further protects surfaces from unsightly and damaging fungal and bacterial growth.

Wall putty - exterior/interior

A high-grade waterproof wall putty that is ideal for both exterior and interior walls, offering the two-fold benefit of surface reinforcement as well as smooth base surface for paint application. Its superior composition protects exterior walls from the elements and strengthens interior walls against chipping, marks and dents.

Water Proofing & Anti-corrosive Paint

A unique silicon-based, water-proofing compound that offers a protective coat for a range of surfaces including floors, walls, roofs, tiles and tanks. When applied, this remarkable compound forms a flexible elastic membrane on dry surfaces and percolates any cracks or crevices present, hardening within an hour of application for a 100% water-proof solution.

Adstone - An exclusive, patented paint

Adstone is an innovation developed and produced exclusively by Aansav Surface Solutions. This highly-durable exterior wall paint is formulated from granite waste to recreate the impression of natural stone when applied to exterior walls. As the paint derives its colour from natural stone it is non-pigmentable. A major advantage of this paint is its strong, elasticity which enables it to expand and hence prevent any plaster cracks from emerging. Adstone is applied to the surface using an air-pressured spray gun and is one of the few paints that is suitable for almost all surfaces, including glass.