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16th January 2018

Top queries regarding real estate in Goa.

By Shamaine C

Is Goa’s real-estate market on the upswing? Should you invest in land or buy an apartment in Goa? Which are the best locations in Goa? Who are the trusted real-estate developers in Goa? What are the property rates in Goa? These are some of the common questions we face on a daily basis and here are some of our best responses. Have some query that needs answering? Write to us.


1. What are the average rates for 3BHK flats in Goa?

A: In Goa, location is everything. Property rates in Goa are mainly governed by sea/beach/river-view or river-touch properties. Prices of built-up property start from approx. Rs. 8,000/- per sq.ft. in the capital city – Panaji (North Goa) and in Margao (South Goa) from approx. 4,000/- per sq.ft. These rates are usually for gated projects with decent amenities.


2. Are there any flats in Margao that are free from power cuts?

A:  Power cuts are a frequent occurrence in Goa and can range in effect from being charming to paralyzing, depending on your needs at that moment. There are however several flats in Goa where builders have gone the extra mile to install generators for the safety and comfort of their residents. At Aansav’s projects in South Goa, power back-ups form part of the basic amenities we offer residents.


3. How would you rate Fatorda as a residential location in Goa?

A: Fatorda in South Goa has been blossoming quietly on the back of improved infrastructure in the last few years. Often eclipsed by the vibrancy and importance of its neighbour – Margao, Fatorda is certainly no pushover in the real-estate rankings. Consider its location for one, close to the beach belt of Colva, Benaulim, Varca and within easy reach of Verna Industrial Estate. The well-planned new real estate in this location adds further charm to Fatorda as a residential location.


4. Is it a good idea to invest in property in Goa?

A: Purchasing real estate in Goa has always been and will always be a good investment proposition. Goa has a lot going for it – a rich and unique heritage and culture, beaches, hinterland and a truly cosmopolitan outlook. Goa openly welcomes individuals from all locations and strata offering accommodation ranging between affordable studio apartments in North Goa to luxury villas in South Goa. Goa’s real-estate potential has given rise to the mid-segment investment market – with investors purchasing homes purely for rental purposes. There’s money to be made with a long-term lease or vacation rental.


5. Will we see a real estate crash in Goa’s secondary markets?

A: The real estate market in Goa weathered some pretty terrific storms last year; right now it’s probably safe to say that all the crashing and bubble-bursting are well behind us and sunny skies lie ahead. That apart, a look at the current demand-supply conditions in Goa and the unyielding property rates give us reason to believe that the secondary market is now on solid ground.


6. What factors should you consider while buying a flat in Goa?

A: These two links below will answer the question in full.

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7. Is buying property in Goa the best way to invest in Real estate in India?

A: Goa’s real estate market is on the upswing so if you’re considering investing here, you could very well be sitting on a fortune in years to come. A word of caution if investing in property is on the cards: check the titles and paperwork with a fine-toothed comb as land disputes can be a real pain in the side later on. What’s more, it’s advisable to fence off your property initially in order to discourage stealthy encroachments.

On the other hand, buying a flat in Goa, from a reputed builder, is relatively painless and easier to maintain than property. You could also rent out your flat and turn it into a working asset that generates income for you.


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